GAAP Episode 012 - Mental Health & the Future of Accounting

GAAP Episode 012 - Mental Health & the Future of Accounting


Today we're talking with our Firm Administrator, Vanessa Kaiser. Vanessa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, which means her background isn't in spreadsheets and numbers *gasp* but instead, she's worked with people and feelings! We talk about Vanessa's unique perspective as a non-traditional hire working for an accounting firm, mental health in the accounting industry, and what the future holds as younger generations advance in their careers. Listen in to learn more!

Show Notes:

Meet the Team | Vanessa Kaiser

The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Most accountants suffer burnout: study

Accountant Burnout is Way Up

Battling burnout

Hope Storm: Healing Coaching & Trauma Consulting

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

0:00 Intro
1:30 Vanessa as a non-traditional hire
7:54 Highlighting mental health in our industry
9:16 What is burnout?
15:04 How will the accounting industry address burnout?
18:54 New generations coming to accounting
21:15 Will automation help reduce burnout?
25:00 Deadline-driven industries
29:45 Outro and joke


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