GAAP Episode 014 - The Basics of Capital Gains

GAAP Episode 014 - The Basics of Capital Gains


We get a lot of questions about capital gains. Are they good? Bad? Does it just depend? In this episode, our resident tax experts — Shareholder and Tax Vice President Kayce Gerlach and Senior Associate Garth Sandberg — give you just enough details without bogging you down with too much information. So, you’ll learn about what capital gains are, what they mean for stocks, how they affect the sale of your home or rental property, what a “wash sale” is (spoiler: not money laundering), and a whole lot more. Listen in to get them gainz!

We talked about step-up in basis back in our end-of-life planning podcast

Short-term vs. long-term gains, according to the IRS

What the IRS has to say about capital gains when you sell your home

What about dividends?

How do realized vs. unrealized gains work?

Ooo! Remember NIIT? No? Well, here’s some details, straight from the IRS


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